All of our perceptions, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions originate in our brain. At some moment prior to when you see this, my brain is having and typing these thoughts while enjoying my morning coffee. Right now, your brain is reading and comprehending my words wherever you happen to be. Odd, isn’t it?

Stranger still, we all possess the capacity to sculpt how our brains function through the ways in which we elect to use them. Thanks to a property known as “neuroplasticity,” both the function and structure of our brains can be reshaped to better support performance through consistent and deliberate training. My career as a scientist has focused on discovering how neuroplasticity works at both the physiological and behavioral levels, and has led me to conclude that learning to harness this superpower has more to offer than marginal gains. While enormous amounts of time, energy, and money are invested in trying to squeeze more juice from training, recovery, and nutrition plans, even top tier endurance athletes and coaches are overlooking this largely untapped potential.

I work with athletes, and very often their coaches, to develop the brain side of their performance within the larger context of their longterm growth, wellness, and life aspirations. My approach is heavily influenced by my expertise as a brain scientist, and as a result diverges from that of traditional sport psychology. Likewise, just because something worked in the artificial circumstances of a laboratory does not mean that it will translate seamlessly to the real world or be applicable to everyone. For this reason, my coaching is highly personalized, and informed by a lifetime of practical experience as an athlete and mentor. If we work together, you can expect my very best, and I will ask that from you as well.

If this sparks your curiosity, I would enjoy learning more about your interests and aspirations. Send me an email and we can schedule a convenient time to talk: No strings attached.