All of our perceptions, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions originate in the brain. Remarkably, we all possess the capacity to sculpt how our brains function through our behaviors. I help people harness this superpower to better serve their goals, aspirations, and quality of life.

My approach to coaching is informed by my deep expertise as a neuroscientist and psychologist and the techniques that I employ are grounded in scientific evidence. The effective application of science in real life is a creative art form. My art is inspired by diverse life experiences as a successful professor, mentor, leader, athlete, and educator of coaches.

Clients come to me from the worlds of academia, business, or competitive athletics. All seek lives that are in greater alignment with their sense of purpose and values. They are also committed to working together to determine and enact the adjustments that will bring them closer to achieving their potential while experiencing greater life satisfaction.

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