I am Scott H. Frey, Ph.D., Ed.M., an award-winning scientist, mentor, and lifelong endurance athlete. For the past 30 years, I led a research program that focused on understanding the relationship between the brain and human performance. 

Of course there is a lot more to my story. If you are curious about my education, peer-reviewed science, and background, visit the “About” page. 

My experiences and education have convinced me that the brain holds enormous and largely overlooked potential to revolutionize how we perform athletically and in life more generally. I left my career in academia and started Cerebral Performance to help individuals and teams harness this power. My approach to mental performance coaching diverges from traditional sport psychology. It is grounded in my expertise in brain and psychological science, and informed by my practical insights and experience as an athlete and mentor.

My clients range from aspiring age-group to professional athletes. They share a curiosity about what is possible within the context of their personal life circumstances and a drive to find out. Beyond the structured training, nutrition, and recovery protocols, they recognize that the difference between success and failure often comes down to the most neglected component of training, the mind.

If this sounds interesting, you are welcome to contact me at the email address below. We can discuss your interests and goals, and see whether I may be able to help you on your quest. Also, check out the Coaching and Consulting pages to learn more about my work.

Cerebral Performance is now the Official Mental Performance Partner of the Belgian Waffle Ride Series. Project Tailwind was designed by Scott and Olympian and Tour de France veteran Brent Bookwalter to provide athletes at all levels with the latest brain-based, mental performance skills. Take your training and racing to the next level by learning how to dial in the overlooked mental side of performance.

Interested in what we can add to your event, team, or training camp? Drop us a note to discuss a customized program to meet your needs and goals.

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Everyone focuses on Training, some of us try to focus on everything else as well, like nutrition, lifestyle, resting, among others, but just a few, the ones that are winning competitions, are focusing on one of the most important things, the BRAIN! Over the past six-months, he has helped me to identify my limiters and he has worked together with my coach to implement some novel strategies aimed at turning these into strengths. This is not your typical sport psych approach. My race results have improved significantly, and I am on-target to achieve my goals at UTMB and the Trail Running World Championships. I highly recommend Scott.
Nicolas Palacios
I first met Scott, when he came on our show as a neuroscientist. His very unique expertise made for an exciting episode. But, since then I’ve gotten to know Scott as a high-performing athlete and coach. He understands athletes but also brings a perspective that most of mainstream sport science has overlooked. The combination of his unique understanding of the science along with his ability to apply it working empathetically with athletes makes him a great choice for athletes at all levels to improve their performance.
Trevor Connor
Founder, Fast Talk Labs
Working with Scott has me excited about where I can take my running; it feels like the sky is the limit.  It has become quite evident that myself and most other athletes, from the front to the back of the pack, are leaving a lot on the table by neglecting their mental game.  He has helped me understand my biggest performance obstacle is between my ears, but even more important, is helping me build my toolbox to turn this into my greatest advantage.  Scott is not only an expert on the science but is an athlete himself who knows how to win!
Matthew Bradner
Ultra Runner
After completing my PhD in neuroscience, I joined Scott’s group to further my academic and research training. Little did I know that Scott’s mentorship would have such a profound impact on my life. Through his guidance and leadership, I gained a newfound clarity about my career path, my values, and my purpose. Today, I lead my own group, and the principles I live by and the ambitions I strive for are deeply influenced by Scott. I believe his influence will always be a part of who I am.
Ken Valyear, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
Our organization has had the privilege of benefiting from the expertise and wisdom of Emeritus Professor Scott Frey. Initially joining as a part-time presenter, Professor Frey quickly became an integral part of our team, contributing as a presenter, content writer, and valuable asset in various projects.

One notable accomplishment is his completion of a comprehensive White Paper, which exemplifies his continued commitment to research and his ability to provide valuable insights. His contributions have greatly enhanced the depth and quality of our courses.

Professor Frey’s teaching style has garnered immense admiration from our course students. His ability to engage and inspire learners has resonated deeply, and his impact on their educational journey is

We eagerly look forward to continuing our fruitful association with Professor Frey. His vast experience and expertise are invaluable assets, and we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a distinguished academic.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for his significant contributions and unwavering dedication to academia and our organization.
John Grant
CEO, Neuro Change Institute ®