Project Tailwind : Belgian Waffle Ride – North Carolina, USA

Event : 2024 Belgian Waffle Ride – North Carolina, USA

Instructors :  Scott Frey, Ph.D, Ed.M. & Brent Bookwalter, BS., OLY

Description : Project Tailwind is event-targeted, group-based, mental performance training for competitors of all levels. It combines our expertise in brain and psychological sciences with practical experience to prepare cyclists for their best possible race performances.

Course consists of the following :

  • One-On-One Onboarding
  • Group Meeting 1: Goals and Introduction 
  • Group Meeting 2: Emotional Regulation
  • Group Meeting 3: Attentional Focus 
  • Group Meeting 4: Resilience & Self Confidence
  • In-person Pre-event Meeting at Race Site
  • Post-event Debriefing
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 05/26/2024.